Scope and audience

Throughout 5 exciting weeks, wou will work on challenging math problems. These will give you a unique insight into the science of quantum computing and a real understanding of quantum bits and quantum algorithms.

This course is specifically designed for high school students, aged 16-20 years old. We hope for your enthusiasm for computer science and mathematics. No prior knowledge of quantum physics is required!

Table of contents:

Learning methods

We offer you various learning opportunities:

The weekly weekly Q&A sessions are not compulsory: you can finish the complete course without ever visiting them. The only requirement is that you hand in the homework exercises at the end of the week.


The materials are available in English and Dutch. A German translation is on it’s way! The weekly Q&A sessions and the exchange on Discord take place in English, German and Dutch.

What should you already know?

Most importantly, you enjoy logical thinking and reasoning!

We require quite some of the more challenging high school mathematics.

You do not need any prior experience with complex numbers, linear algebra, differentiating/integrating, or anything specific to physics. If these words don’t make any sense, that’s perfectly fine!

We look forward to diving into the world of quantum computing with you and exploring this fascinating field.